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Friday, October 06, 2006


I just got delivered to me via U.S. Mail...

The soundtrack of my life.

It's Music for TV Dinners, and Vol. II, Music for TV Dinners the '60s. If you go on Amazon.Com, you can sample tracks from it.

I. HIGHLY. Recommend it. I'm about to spend a LOT of money on Amazon.com for 50s and 60s instrumental "Cha-cha-cha" type music.

Strange? Yes.

But those of you that know me... it's pretty close to how my soundtrack would be, right? It's basically glorified elevator music. Poppy. Zippy. 50s. Lots of strings and horns. If you've ever seen a 50s montage where people are 1) driving somewhere 2) shopping or 3) modeling a kitchen or a new tract house... that's the kind of music it is. Effervescent, light, and lots of stacatto string.

It's the kind of music that would go with a retro-modern commercial, set in a 50s Mod house, where everyone has a gigantic smile plastered on their faces. And it's all I'm going to listen to from now on.

Get ready!


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