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Monday, November 20, 2006

November 20, 1993.

Today is the 13th anniversary of my Bar Mitzvah.

Some of you reading this were there. Feel free to share mem'ries.

You were all adorable in your braces and poofy jewel-colored dresses.

Weirdest of all - kids born on the day of my Bar Mitzvah... will be Bar-Mitzvahed next Saturday.



Blogger Laura said...

I'm pretty sure a caricature of me from your Bar Mitvah still exists in my parents' house.

Memories of your Bar Mitvah:
(1) kids sucking helium out of the balloon archway
(2) You making fun of my large, large puffy hair (rightfully so)
(3) You only inviting me because you were scared of me

Ah, good times. :)

8:24 PM

Blogger SuperBee said...

Dude. That was wicked awesome. I passed out from helium inhalation, under the slinky black sweaterdress y!of our Headhunter friend that I speak to occasionally regarding job opportunities!

Oh, Laura. You and that hair and that bright, bright pink dress. (To be fair, it was a very pretty dress, and I imagine that it probably aged pretty well, unlike other dresses at the Bar Mitzvah that would now show up at an 80s Prom Party...)

And of course we were friends back then! You just didn't like me, and liked to dig your nails into my flesh. No biggie... talk to Kara, I'm sure she can sympathize, Kara tended to want to hurt me through Elementary-10th grades.

(Kara, you still out there?! Kara - remember my Bar Mitzvah? You wore a blue dress with white lace around your new boobies.)

8:52 PM

Blogger Mike said...

At least you got an invite. I had to hear about it second hand for the last 13 years. Since I didn't go, I'll pretend I did and reminisce with you.

Remember when we did the Electric Slide? It was the only dance I could do. I can't believe I work that silk shirt with the white tie. What was I thinking? Remember how we all danced to "Shout"? That was awesome. And do you remember how we all stood in awkward circles during slow dances waiting for either the guts to ask someone to dance or pretending that we didn't care that we weren't? And what was that slow song? Oh yes, "I Will Always Love You" by Whitney Houston - the number 1 song of 1993. We had a great time that day.

10:47 AM

Blogger SuperBee said...

Wow, Mike! Yeah, all those things were great. You neglected to discuss the rainbow light-sticks which were de rigeur at all the "good" Bar Mitzvahs of the early '90s. (I first saw them at Adrienne's Bat Mitzvah, and decided right then and there, that even if I didn't get to have my Bar Mitzvah at the Hyatt Regency in the Inner Harbor, with the most delicious carving station ever, and favors of music videos in front of a blue screen, and even though I didn't make one of those, I stole a lot of leis and a Mexican sombrero that I still have..., but yeah, even if I didn't have my Bar Mitzvah at the Hyatt, I would, absolutely, positively, have those rainbow light sticks.)

Yeah. You were basically there.

But remember - we weren't FRIENDS back then, Mike! After all, Emily invited me to your Bar/Bat Mitzvahs, but did I get an invite from YOUUU? NOOOOO.

Oh, and Kara - you wore a green dress. Kristyn wore the blue dress with white. I can't believe I remember this...

11:33 AM

Anonymous Adrienne said...

Do you remember what I wore? Im thinking it was the lacy navy blue number off the shoulder with the shite satin across my not-so-new boobies and poofy at the shoulders. Or maybe the black velvet number I wore to Helsch's.

I remember what you wore to mine. A silk shirt (I believe it was mustard in color) and an olive green suit with a multi-colored tie. Gorgeous!

I literally still had the plastic champagne popper bottles from your Bar Mitzvah that streamers came out of until I moved out West and was froced almost at gunpoint by my parents to throw away all the crap I kept from Bar/Bat Mitzvahs. I still have a scrapbook with all the invitations though and yours is in there. Blue and White, right? So Jewish! I also am reminded of your Bar Mitzvah every time I see The Shining because I think the ballroom at the hotel looks like the room your reception was in. Where was it again? And I remember Brandon looking adorable! I always loved little Brandon, looking like a mini you, but he smiled a lot more...in a more evil way!

I like how you remember the carving section from mine and yet, I was (and still am) a vegetarian. Good idea mom and dad, respecting my wishes and shit.

When we get married, we can do it at the Hyatt Regency. Will that make you feel better?

4:51 PM

Blogger SuperBee said...

Adrienne - when we're home, we'll pull out the Album. : ) We can play the, "Oh, She's dead. Oh, He's dead." Game. FUN!

Fuck. Maybe it's YOUR blue dress with white on top that I'm thinking of. Fear not, there's a picture of you, me and Helsch in the album. I'll be sad that I have wrinkles in my forehead now. Tears.

As for what I wore to your Bat Mitzvah, you are correct. Mustard yellow silk shirt, multicolored tie (that may still be in my closet?) and Olive Green Suit bought at the Burlington Coat Factory...which is... uh... where the hell was that?! My Bar Mitzvah suit, I got at Gage on Reisterstown Road. Like everyone else.

My Bar Mitzvah was at the Ft. Meade Officer's Club, back when you could have civilians on Army Bases. Tears.

And for the record, my invitation was, quite possibly, the most tasteful invitation, EVER. It was white, grey and gold, with a border of dark blue, gold and red swirly paper. VERY pretty. There's one hanging on the wall at home. We can look at that too. ; )

I'm PSYCHED to see you guys, Laura and Adrienne! :)

6:36 PM


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