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Friday, January 26, 2007

It's still open... for now.

Remember Karu and Y, that place that didn't knock my socks off, for all the attitude and trendiness it tried to project?

Turns out, my initial impressions on eating corpse-flavored Duck Pancetta with quince paste were right.

The Miami Herald didn't like it either. After three tries. Read the review; given a restaurant that's trying to project the image and food quality Karu and Y does, it's scathing.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

No shout out or email response? weak.

8:01 AM

Blogger Andy said...

I'm not sure what made you think a place with a name like that would be any good. For instance, here in New York you can tell the demographic and quality of a place just by it's name, here's a list and you try and guess which ones I might go to:

1) Fusion
2) No Malice Palace
3) Hi-Fi
4) Lotus
5) Crocodile Lounge
6) Marquee
7) Brooklyn
8) Williamsburg

Sure, the last two are whole areas, but you should still be able to guess whether or not I go there.

8:41 AM

Blogger SuperBee said...

Yes, Yes, Lauren, I love you.

Andy - they spent $25 Million on it. I was hoping it would be DECENT.

You'd go to No Malice Palice, Hi-Fi and possibly Crocodile Lounge.

Brooklyn and Williamsburg are too "Hipster" for you, so you distain them.

8:53 AM

Blogger dmbmeg said...

am i the only one who knows Williamsburg is IN Brooklyn?

You love the Crocodile Lounge. HELLO! Free Pizza and trivia. You're just bitter because you contributed nothing to our team.

9:01 AM

Anonymous Adrienne said...

I like how the restaurant that essentially fucks you in the ass is kind of called KY.

9:03 AM

Blogger some guy said...

So disappointing that a restaurant with a Chihuly piece isn't worth eating at. Had I not read that scathing review in the Herald I'd have tried to eat there just so I could look at the Chihuly.

1:18 PM

Anonymous foodie said...

Oh Lord, what can be said about this place that hasn't already been said. The food is TERRIBLE because this Chef is talentless. Where'd he come from anyways? I heard he was just a line-cook that got fired from a bunch of places. These people were never serious about the food.

Furthermore, the look of the place, is tacky-Vegas-over the top which is not even nice to eat around. It has no class, hence the crack-town which it's situated in. VERY VERY DISSAPPOINTING -- the prices, INSULTING.

6:16 AM


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