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Wednesday, January 24, 2007


Look through this list and reserve the activity that you want to do with me. :)

(I've already done a lot of them... but still...)


Blogger Rootietoot said...

well the possibilities are just endless, aren't they!

Hm...I want to see a dead guy's house, shoot someone elses gun at an indoor range, and snorkel in Miami's equivalent of The Epcot Ctr. oh, and drink some Cuban (style) coffee. Is there someplace we can watch cigars being rolled by genuine Cubans?

Why does this page read as tho it were written by a perky blonde named MaryBeth?

1:29 PM

Blogger MM said...

OK, 1) wave running 2) rent a boat 3) paintball party 4) john pennycamp 5) thrift store shopping

and thinking huge
1) Disneyword
2) Bahamas

2:06 PM

Blogger JB said...

Any chance you might be in attendance at the SOBE wine and food fest?

3:02 PM

Blogger Jessica said...

First off, can we please live in the same city again? Or go be tourists somewhere? Thanks. Um, second, if you and MM come to D'world, can we plan a date where we can all go TOGETHER?! sUCH A Good idea, let's do it.

3:07 PM

Blogger SuperBee said...

RT - Get your pin away from my bunch of balloons. :) I imagine there are places to watch cigars being rolled... I imagine it's called "Hialeah." The page is for Tourists down for the Superbowl, but it's useful for us bored locals.

MM - 1) Yes. 2) Yes. 3) Yes. 4) Yes. 5) Yes. AWESOME! I've wanted to go wave running and boat renting FOREVER. I just got the name of a paintball place the other day (Thanks, Hal Sparks!) And I'm feeling you with the Bahamas AND Disney World.

JB - I will be there on Saturday. Wasted.

Jess - Yeah. Move back to Miami. :) And if we organize a big group of people to go to D'World, Um... of course we'll let you know. :)

7:43 PM

Blogger JB said...

If I see you, I'll introduce myself. (You should do likewise!) I will also likely be wasted, as I don't have to drive home this year....woo hoo.

9:52 PM

Blogger Rootietoot said...

well really, my idea of fun usually involves mountains and fog and I don't think Miami has mountains... I tried, really.

I did have a Cuban sandwich in Miami when I was 16. It was delicious.

5:21 AM

Blogger Shawn said...

I know how much you love wannado city - can we go there?

Or maybe have some cuban coffee?

But for real - why haven't I ever heard of this Bacardi museum? Do they give free samples?

And really, they should not be sending tourists to voodoo shops in Little Haiti.

6:38 AM


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