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Monday, February 12, 2007

Public Television and Radio

I wrote the comment in Bold below, and it spawned a blog. You can see the original, comment at Hulles' blog.

They filmed...taped... whatever an episode of the Prairie Home Companion here recently.

Stupidly, I did not go.

Because... I sort of couldn't bring myself to be that...Public Radio-y...

Even though I am.

Even though I enjoy Public Television.

Even though I went to college at Madison... and understand the jokes in the Prairie Home Companion. And think they're funny. Because... they're true.

I think I feel a blog coming on... 'scuse me.

That's something I feel like I have to start taking advantage of more when it rolls into Miami. I need to tap more into my "inner nerd."

Because I am phenomenally dorky. I love Public Radio and Television. Even though I come off all "cool" and "hep" and "with it" and not "sometimes I like to sit home on Friday nights" and not at all "drama-club-y."

I should have gone to the Prairie Home Companion. It would have SUCKED. Just like when Shawn and Elad and I went to see "Hester Street" and it blew. But at least...I wouldn't have felt guilty. I would have gone, and hated it, because I would have felt too nerdy being there. Just like I went to "Hester Street" and hated it because the geriatric denturefiend behind us chewed gum so loudly, it made me throw up on my balls a little bit.

And really, isn't that what life's all about? Going to Artistic Events because you're starved for culture, but feeling uncomfortable with your "elderly-to-middle age" taste in things, that, say, shell out forty bucks to see "Peter Paul and Mary?"


Blogger Hulles said...

Very interesting post. I don't seem to have the "free your inner nerd" impulse because my inner nerd is also my outer nerd (endonerd and ectonerd?). But I can see where one might want to. I really liked, slightly out of context, "...it made me throw up on my balls a little bit. And really, isn't that what life's all about? "

Amen brother.

2:06 PM


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