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Saturday, May 05, 2007

"Daily" Celebrity Encounter

Today I told current-"star"-of-the-Girls-Next-Door-and-current-Girlfriend-of-Hugh-Hefner, and current Playboy Kitten, Kendra that she looked cute in person.

I said this to her as I splashed by her in the ocean in front of the Shore Club.

She smiled and said "Thanks."

She has a gymnast's body, and hoooge jugs.

The end.


Blogger Japan-O-Matic! said...

I was having dinner at Uchi a couple of weeks ago and I happened to glance up to see a VERY pregnant Julia Roberts striding by our table. Even though she might appear all lips and big eyes on the screen, her features are actually quite delicate in person. We didn't say anything to her though - Austin is very "chill" that way.

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