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Sunday, October 26, 2008


Sometimes we choose to go to Rokbar.

And sometimes we choose to follow that with Buck 15.

And sometimes, we choose to close down Buck 15.

And sometimes, we pay for our choices, by wanting to DIE.

Because, you know, we're so hungover, death would be a preferable alternative.

But still. We chose to have a ridiculously awesome night.


Anonymous Jaded said...

Hello Superbee...Hangovers and prefering death over them reminds me of a time, in the not so distant past, when I felt sick enough to want to, gasp, die.

Been there.

But I haven't worked as a lawyer like yourself...do you really bang your head against the wall day in and day out? And then afterwards, you go out to indie bars wearing Converse?

You sound like an artist.

If you weren't practicing law, what would you do?

~ Jaded

11:12 PM

Blogger SuperBee said...

I'd be a travel writer for GQ Magazine or the New York Times Travel Section. That's what I'd do.

Or I'd be Samantha Brown.

Best. Job. Ever.

1:27 PM


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