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Sunday, November 02, 2008

What's the word I'm looking for?

What is the feeling one has for a bride, who watched her $100,000+ wedding reception gutted by rain, her $7,000.00 dress get soaked and muddied, and after the Priest forgot the name of the couple he had just married?

Last night, one of my friends got married. On paper, the wedding was Storybook. Family priest... extravagant reception overlooking the ocean, with tons of friends in from near and far, beautiful and effervescent bride, and handsome, successful groom.

No one factored in two elements: 1) Human error and 2) the Weather.

I have a strange mix of pride (for how she kept on smiling and dancing and glowing, as the "uh-ohs" kept piling on, even though if I were her, I would have freaked the fuck out and run shrieking into the ocean) empathy, sympathy, raw pity, sadness, and that emotion where you just want to give someone a hug.

In all, the wedding was, actually, a huge success -- but it wasn't the success for which they had paid... dearly. During the reception, as us guests slipped in puddles of water and broken glass, with gale force winds driving rain into the small covered area, now housing 200 (or more) guests; as bridesmaids dresses wicked water off the floor, and the bottom of the Bride's gown blackened, I referred to the wedding as a "Comedy of Errors," and it was.

I just hope that the Murphy's Law element of this wedding ensures that the Bride and Groom have a very long, happy, healthy marriage ahead of them.


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