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Wednesday, June 09, 2010

What the Eff, Posture?!

Wugh. That's what I have to say about the state of my posture. "Wugh." (Pronounced "wuuuuuuuah").

I'm so slouchy it's ridiculous. When I sit down, I basically curl over into a "C..." well, more like an "f" and it's been something I've been mindful of for YEARS, and can't figure out how to change!

By the time I'm an old man, I'm going to be facing my knees, if I keep going at this rate.

Whenever I feel myself slouching, I sit up straight, which I manage to do for a while, until I stop paying attention, and then it's like "woossssssssssssssssssssssshhhhhhhh" (that was the sound of air slowly going out of a balloon) and I'm back to having godawful posture again.

Just thought I'd share.

I have terrible posture.

I'm aware. Now you know.


Blogger Yono Senada said...

No chance of butler school for u!

7:42 AM

Anonymous Vidas said...

The key to curing the slouch is to strengthen your back muscles. When I started doing a workout plan that was very back intensive (deadlifts, lat pull downs, cable rows, etc.) people started commenting that they never realized how tall I was. I was just standing up straight for the first time in 28 years.

10:52 AM


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