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Thursday, July 20, 2006

I don't get it.

In Maryland, I remember there were people who didn't use their a/c. I thought they were strange.

My first year in law school, right after I bought my place, a strong storm wiped out my a/c compressor, and I was without a/c for two weeks. DURING FINALS MY SECOND SEMESTER, in steamy, steamy May, the beginning of the rainy season.

It was hell.

It motivated me to go to the library and stay there, yes, but it was hot as hell.

And I was MISERABLE. Do you know what it's like to live in a steamy, non-cross ventillated oven for some of the most stressful weeks of the year? I do.

And I think anyone who elects that is just nuts.

Like these freaks.

I literally almost cried with joy and relief after I got my new compressor and flipped on the a/c and heard the familiar gurgling of compressed freon.

I guess in Baltimore the heat is only terrible during the day, and at night it does cool off. Not in Miami, though. The heat and humidity do not abate.

The moral of the story? I'm in love with my A/C.


Blogger JB said...

That woman's power bill was $18?!? My bill for this month was $277!! I think it's due to the itty-bitty compressor that this A/C uses. But still..... I never paid more than $80 in Miami and that's when I would let my dog watch the Food Network all day. Ugh. Gotta keep cool I suppose.

8:19 AM

Blogger vidas said...

My parents reside in a huge old house. By huge I mean 6? 7? bedrooms and by old I mean built in the 1800s. And they have central air. And the only time the central air gets turned on is when it is 95 degrees for more than 3 consecutive days and my dad is on a business trip. Their electric bill last month for the huge old house (with a pool filter running during the day) $177. My electric bill for my one bedroom apartment constructed sometime in the 1960s. $122. And you know what? It's worth every fucking cent.

I love feeling like an artificial flower.

God damned hippies.

9:54 AM

Blogger SuperBee said...

My power bill will probably be in the 1-teens this month. I'm actually having pangs of regret, b/c I forgot to turn the a/c up to 80 today when I left for work, today.

But you know what? My magazines, books and pictures won't wrinkle, and my sheets will be bone dry.

I agree, Vidas. I love feeling like an artificial flower. Goddamned hippies, indeed. I think my parents are still pretty partial also to opening up the windows in our house...a 5-bedroom contemporary, built in 1988... but who can say, really, as I haven't been home during the summer in quite some time.

I remember one summer when the A/C went kaput back home... I was probably in 9th or 10th grade, and I remember lying on the floor in my parents' walk-in closet, panting. Oh, sure, I could have gone to the basement where it's always 65 degrees, but there are ghosts down there, and I didn't like 'em when I was little.

12:02 PM

Blogger Rootietoot said...

A/C is the ultimate gift from God. I lived 2 summers in an unairconditioned housetrailer in South Georgia. I will never again take it for granted.

We call them hippie-freaks for a reason, around here.

1:39 PM


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