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Sunday, October 01, 2006

The Carters.

Nick and the rest of the Carters.

1) Where the hell did they come from?
2) Why are they famous?
3) Why the hell do they talk like that?

I sort of hate them. A lot. Vitriolically. They're AWFUL.


Blogger JB said...

I can answer #1 for ya-- Ruskin, Florida-- home of tomatoes, migrant workers, and the national weather service. That might help you answer numbers 2 & 3, as well. I believe the Carters have since moved on up to Marathon, Florida in the Keys. As a matter of fact, I saw Aaron Carter throwing out beads in the Fantasy Fest parade last year. They're a classy bunch.

10:51 AM

Blogger Jessica said...

One of the Carters lost his virginity to Debra LaFave, of sleeping with student fame.

10:23 AM

Blogger SuperBee said...

JB and Jess. I LOVE how 1) you're both from the Tampa/St.Pete/Clearwater region (Jess...it's time to give up the New Jersey accent. Now put on your L.A. Gear hi-tops and your acid-washed, elastic waistband jeans...) and 2) you have ALL THE DIRT on the Carters!

1:34 PM


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