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Friday, May 11, 2007

Manda huevos!

Oye, Glorielesiys!

'As visto esa ya?!? Esa chongita es tu hermanita, no - ay que bruta es!

Pero la manzana no ha caido lejos de la hermana! BWA!

Sin mas:

Y ya se que esa ya esta viejito aqui, pero para todos los cuales no se viven aqui, fuera para ustedes.

An' I git it at the Flea-Mar-Kit for Two-Ninety-Nine.



Blogger JB said...

I saw this a week or so ago and I had to send it to like, a good 5 people. I guess it's funnier if you're a gringo. But man, I had no idea they actually put *glue* in their hair. I did that once for Fantasy Fest. But it was a mohawk, and it was the white elmer's glue, not the glue stick. Yeah, it was awesome. And it took about an hour to wash out in the shower.

10:08 PM


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