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Saturday, June 09, 2007

Daily Celebrity Encounter

The "bad kid" from Desperate Housewives; the whore's nephew...what's her name? Dee-Dee? Ci-Ci? Jeannine? Cecily? Cecily Tyson?

Whatever. Unimportant.

Nicole Sheridan's character, how's that?

Anywizzle - her "badass" newphew that's been living with her, and fucked both Julie (Hatcher) and Ugly (van de Kamp) walked past me today at Lincoln and Washington. We made eye-contact. He may or may not have checked me out.

I'll err on the side of "not" because I was dressed in rather plebian boring preppy wear.

Nevertheless. We had a moment. I locked eyes with him and probably had some sort of "who are you from my past that I know?" look on my face, before realizing that he was on TV.

The end.


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