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Monday, August 18, 2008

Weird epiphany.

You know how we read those statistics that we spend days out off the year doing _____, or we eat _______ pounds of something every year, and it's sort of a disturbing statistic? Like something that sounds like a LOT; like, "Holy hell, I drank 24 gallons of Beer last year? I'm like... certain I didn't drink 24 gallons of milk last year, even though now it sounds like I should have... I should drink more milk."

I had one of those, but it was like, personalized. Like there was a timer of how often you did something. You. Like ONLY you.

I just realized approximately how much T.V. I watched in the last year-and-a-month (this includes watching movies that were academic pursuits, like getting through "Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf" or suffering petulantly for weeks through "Hello, Dolly!" (a particularly unpleasant three weeks, if I recall...) or reading books while the TV screen was on and paused...)

A little over a month. A month! By my calculation, ignoring the fact that sometimes the TV is on but muted during commercials when I'm doing something else, or when I pause the DVR to let the show catch up with commercials... and, you know... those times I pass out with the TV on...

Not only have I spent in excess of a month's worth of time in my place...(which is unnerving as it is...) but I have spent in excess of that usually conscious and with the TV on as some sort of amusement or background.

How do I know this? The lightbulb on my projector read 803 hours. It's only been installed since early July, '07.

Do the math.



Blogger Rootietoot said...

I only count the time spent watching something that has commercials. Movies don't count, and the Olympics only count half because there's fewer ads.

Ignore your projector. Redeem every intellectually challenged movie (you know, anything with Will Ferrell or Billy Bob Thornton) with something High Minded like the ones where people have British accents.

12:03 PM


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