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Tuesday, December 16, 2008


Item One!

For those of you who didn't attend Urban Daddy's Cointree (Pronounced "kwan-TRAY - it's a mix of Cointreau and soiree) last night, you missed out on some tasty drinx, and some DELICIOUS turkey, brie and quince paste sandwiches! You also missed some enjoyable conversation with the always lovely and wonderful All Purpose Dark, and I met Miami Fever, but not really, because I couldn't tear myself away from the Turkey Sandwiches. He does, however, have an awesome camera!

Item Two!

I've just been voted the Vice-President of my Condominium Board! That's terrible! (I had hoped to lose, but I was basically voted Prom Queen.) That means a lot of work during time I don't have!

Item Three!

I hate going to the Rusty Pelican! I went there last Sunday to watch some of my friends eat Brunch (I loathe the food and was not going to spend more than 140 nickels to go there [I had to Valet Park]) and it reminded me of why, sometimes, I hate living in Miami. Oh, sure the feeling has dissipated mostly since I moved to the Beach, but there's nothing like a little time in the line to Valet your car at the Rusty Pelican (where there's no other parking option...) to make one want to drive one's car into the bay and drown!

Item Four!

Is it me, or are people driving slower these days? I mean like abominably slower? And it's not the out-of-towners, because it doesn't feel that much more crowded...

Item Five!

I'm sick! Thanks, Art Basel, for wearing down my defenses! Now I have tuberculosis!

Item Six!

I have to take a deposition tomorrow! Yikes!


Blogger Jess said...

Um... ewww! What friends go to Rusty Pelican!? Pls tell me they were from out of town AAAANNNDDD never lived in the MIA... second, ITEM SEVEN, you're going to see your bffer in one short day!

6:57 PM

Blogger SuperBee said...

Seriously - they were out of towners, and never went to Miami - but my friend's brother in law went to Miami and lives down here, and HE suggested it! I vociferously protested to no avail.

That's why I ate NOTHING. That place is uber narst.



7:21 PM

Blogger Curlatini, Esq. said...

I was voted the President of the HOA last summer. It was a totally unofficial vote! But now I get to write letters to people complaining about their feeding of the wild cats that poop on my plants and the dogs that make noise at inappropriate times. Although, I still call the police for the dog thing because my neighbors are way too old to realize that it's totally uncool for their dogs to bark at 7:30 am every day of the week.

4:57 PM

Anonymous Someguy said...

I agree that people are driving slower these days. Fuckers.

4:15 PM

Blogger Rootietoot said...

Sometimes I am really thankful to live in a town of less that 25,000.
Even if we can't get turkey and quince paste sammiches.

4:54 PM


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