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Thursday, September 07, 2006



One of Vincent's dresses that "got him off,"


Thank GOODNESS he's gone!

Kayne - you're next sweetheart. Not that I want to see you go, but you better pull a nice looking dress out of your ass or you're history.

And Laura - you're my "after-Kayne" prediction. But I could be reversed. You look like you might have a nervous breakdown in the next episode, so you may be gone.

Either way - I don't want to see either of you go. I'd rather see Jeffrey get kicked off...but let's face it. He's this Season's Santino...

He's in.


Blogger MM said...

Dear Jay,

Thanks for ruining my day. I tivo'd PJ last night. I was planning on watching it tonight when I got home. Now I know who gets kicked off. If you discuss last nights show, you should put a spoiler alert so people can click off. U suck. I'm mad at u. Ok I am over it and love you again. Please govern yourself accordingly.

Best Regards,

7:20 AM

Blogger SuperBee said...

Dear MM:

I'm really sorry I didn't put a Spoiler Alert in. I always thought Spoiler Alerts were for things that were issued BEFORE the show came out!

I have been duly informed. I sincerely apologize for ruining your day, and I apologize for sucking. (Unless it's a weekend, in which case I'm praised for it! ZING! [KIDDING.])

I love you and I'm sorry for any inconvenience I have caused. But really, once you watch the show, you'll see it's obvious who's going to lose, and who's going to win. I'm starting to hone in on Project Runway's "Clues" they drop throughout the show...

That's all I'll say for now.

I shall be governed accordingly.

7:32 AM

Blogger Rootietoot said...

What in the HAIL are you talking about??

1:14 PM

Anonymous Adrienne said...

if Laura makes one more A line V neck dress, I am going to kill someone. Her dress last week was Cruella DeVille ugliness. Why did she make the neck out of a tu-tu? Ugh.
Michael is my pick to win it all! Love him.
Top 3 will be Michael, Jeffrey and Uli (or poss Laura if she starts making something different without tu-tus).

2:32 PM


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