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Monday, November 13, 2006

Just a thought -

Hey University of Miami School of Law:

Another reason I won't ever be giving you any of my money, ever, in a million, billion years:

Chief Justice John Roberts is going to be at the BankUnited Center on Campus tonight?

And you didn't inform your alumni about it, or otherwise make admission available to your alumni...

You scratch my back, I'll scratch yours. Until I get a little back-scratchery (say, equal to the roughly 90K I coughed up to you for a piece of paper and the privilege of taking the worst test ever) you'll see not one thin dime from me.

A good place to start would, in my opinion, have been letting me know that the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court was going to be a quarter mile from my home. Furthermore, an invite would have been nice. It's being held in a stadium for Chrissake.

In the infamous words of Paula from Real World: "Kiss my ass! Kiss my goddamn ass!"


Blogger some guy said...

You didn't miss much, but I agree that it's embarrassing that they didn't invite alumni. That said, I was in Dean V's office on Monday and some alumni stopped by to pick up tickets. These people didn't look like high rollers to me so maybe all you had to do was call and ask...

9:55 AM

Blogger SuperBee said...

Yeah, I would have called and asked...if I had been aware that he was coming before noon yesterday.

I read about it in the Herald, because they said there was going to be bad traffic around UM, because Roberts was coming in. That's how I knew it was coming. Not through alumni emails or anything else -- I learned he was coming through a traffic report.

Thanks, UM. You guys score another point.

10:44 AM


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