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Monday, November 13, 2006

Oh, Miami! You have such awesome crimes!

Like -- where else in the Country would someone kill a lady driving a car (shoot or stab, we don't know yet), and leave her body parked in the driver's seat, under an overpass, with her twin 18-month-old babies crying in the back seat?

We also mutilate manatees and birds that steal fishing bait down here.

People are seriously fucked up.


Blogger Rootietoot said...

Wasn't it near Miami that whole family was found shot?

I swear...give me small town Georgia crimes any day.

1:23 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm pretty sure the whole state of Florida takes this title.

8:10 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Superbee, I need your help!
I live in a residential neighborhood on SW 58th Terrace. Directly across the street from where I live they are converting apartments into condos. Every morning for the past three weeks, I've been woken out of bed at 4:30 a.m. to the tune of a large dump truck clearing out big commercial trash containers. Included in the ruckus of metal scraping against pavement and the sound of the commercial truck is the loud warning beep of the truck when it backs up.
This morning at 4:30 a.m., I called the Miami-Dade police. An officer was sent, but nothing was done. I pretty sure the police officer wasn't aware of the ordinance for the city for this type of noise in a residential neighborhood. He informed me that since this was a dump truck and there are other dump trucks out on the road at this hour that there is nothing he can do. When I looked up the noise ordinance for Miami-Dade, I read that if trash pick up was performed by the city as part of a routine pick-up in and for that neighborhood, then there was nothing that can be done. However, in this case, this is a private company picking up trash from a construction site in a residential neighborhood at 4:30 a.m.! Is there anything I can do to stop the pick-up of trash from this construction site so early in the morning? Please help me with your legal expertise. I need to get a decent sleep before I blow up this shit hole place called Miami.

3:00 AM

Blogger SuperBee said...

This is not legal advice; but this is practical advice that may help:

1) Blow the place up!

2) No, stop. Breathe. Buy yourself a big box fan and some earplugs from K-Mart or Target or wherever. Put feet into the fan. Plug Fan in next to your bed. On high. Turn on. Go to sleep.

3) If it wakes you again even with the white noise made by the fan, call the cops AGAIN, and point them towards the ordinance that says they can't do that at 4:30 a.m. There's a huge difference between dump trucks driving on the road, and dump trucks picking up dumpsters and emptying them. Driving doesn't involve beeping and scraping, and a truck driving by is a nuisance for 12 seconds, not seven minutes.

This is a private business that sounds like they're causing a nuisance. Speak with you neighbors, see if they'e also being disturbed. If so, have them also call the cops for a noise complaint. If a lot of you start kvetching, the cops may pay more attention.

Tell the dispatcher on the phone what ordinance is being violated, and let her know that this has been going on for three weeks now; it's the same every night.


5:21 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks for your help, but do you know what the ordinance is and how I can get my hands on it? I would be happy to educate the police on this with a copy of it printed out. Any help you can give would be appreicated!!!

7:13 AM

Blogger SuperBee said...

I'd go to www.municode.com then click on "Online Library"

They have Miami-Dade Ordinances, and City Ordinances if you're in South Miami or Coral Gables, etc.

You should be able to do a search through the code to find the quiet hours or noise or nuisance or quiet hours regulations.

7:20 AM


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