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Thursday, November 02, 2006

An Open Letter to Andy L:

Dear Andy L:

I'm so sorry that an impending family tragedy bored you. Really, I am. How inconsiderate of me to use my blog to work through some complex and conflicting feelings, when it caused you to roll your eyes, and hammer your head against your keyboard. Because it was too long. And booooringggg.

I've taken it "under advisement," as we say in the Legal World. No longer will I ever write about being dutybound to relatives, blood or not, in their final, agonizing days. I won't write about how I'll be bored as hell in Pensacola for a weekend, alternating between boredom and uncomfortable depression, as I watch my now 75-pound grandfather waste away to blackness.

Maybe I should write about monkeys and bananas and typewriters and flinging poo and chewing gum and hockey, pie and Satan.

I'm on it. Don't you worry your little towhead about it. There will be no more "serious" posts. Just posts about unicorns, and jellybeans and cotton candy and lacy knee-socks and patent leather Mary Janes and pinafores and schoolbook satchels, and shiny red apples and playing "Hoops" (not basketball, but the kind where you hit a wooden ring with a little dowel) and stickers and the LightBright, and Rainbow Bright and the Speak n' Spell, and the Sit n' Spin, and those bouncyballs with the handles that you'd bounce on on your butt, and kickballs, and fat #2 pencils, and fingerpaint, and vegetable and/or fruit, and chocolate milk from a carton, and Star Crunches and Swiss Cake Rolls, and Tacos with nothing but cheese and salsa on them, and Gym uniforms, and Home Econimics Snickerdoodle cookies, and those pillow pattens we had to sow and maybe you bought the Shark and "Bug-in-Jar" and never made the Bug-in-Jar pillow pattern, because you had super bad ADHD, and when you bought two pillow patterns in 6th grade Home Economics, your parents probably figured out you were gay then, and British Knights and Sony tapeplaying walkmen, and trucks by Tonka and anything made by RonCo, especially that microphone where you used to be able to link it to the radio and sing on the radio, and puzzles of Hamburgers, and Hook and Stitch patterns, and Gimp, and Snoopy Sno-Cone machines, and G.I. Joe, and He-Man, and Skeletor's Slime Pit, and Mask, and the Muppet Babies (don't lie you fucking watched them too.) and when you used to have to turn the channels on Cable with that remote control on the cord hooked up to the Cable Box, and the World Book Cellophane body diagrams in the Encyclopedia, and the Bookfair at School, and how the Retard's Pod was the "Pioneers", and when the mall still had Potomac Toys, and the McDLT and a big fat punch in the eye.

There. How'd ya like that, beeeatch?

Asshat. I love you. Call me!


Blogger JB said...

Did you bake suncatchers in the oven too?

11:28 PM

Blogger Rootietoot said...

Have you ever wondered how Skeletor could say "I'll get you He-Man!" without lips?

4:12 AM

Blogger SuperBee said...

JB - never baked suncatchers, but DID bake Shrinky-Dinks. Gumby and the Smurfs, mostly.

RT - I did wonder that, but you can say most of it without lips. "Man" is the only hard word to say. It comes out like "Ngan!"

5:27 AM

Anonymous The Brewer Patriot said...

Oh man, changing channels on the box with the cord connected to the cable box. Those were great days, we were all so amazed. "I don't even have to get up!"

Then my dad spilled a beer all over the box and fried it. He spent an hour trying to dry it with a hair dryer with little success. And thus ended the great wired-rmote experiment.

5:48 AM

Anonymous Adrienne said...

Star Crunch!!! Yummy. I totally forgot they existed and am pretty sure that I just gained 5 lbs just thinking about it.

Have you ever heard my impression of the speak-n-spell? it's a dead-on impression and pretty fucking terrifying. I'll call you later and do it. You WILL be afraid that a sound like that can come out of my tiny little head.

9:59 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Don't ever write about hockey. I will de-blogroll you.

8:39 AM


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