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Monday, January 29, 2007

This, so far, is my favorite passage in the book I currently can't put down, which is also depressing the hell out of me. Name the book:

"She couldn't stop the memories slamming into her. Every one had a brutal report. Our mother steadying me as Lindsey looked on, jealous that I could reach, with the silver star in my hands, the top of the Christmas tree. Me sliding down the banister and asking her to join. Both of us begging the comics off our father after dinner. All of us running after Holiday as he barked and barked. And the countless exhausted smiles awkwardly dressing our faces for photos at birthdays, and holidays, and after school. Two sisters dressed identically in velvet or plaid or Easter yellows. We held baskets of bunnies and eggs we had sunk in dye. Patent leather shoes with straps and hard buckles. Smiling hard as our mother tried to focus her camera. The photos, always fuzzy, our eyes bright red spots. None of them, these artifacts left to my sister, would hold for posterity the moments before and the moments after, when we two girls played in the house or fought over toys. When we were sisters."

And this is my favorite line thus far, "Because horror on Earth is real and it is every day. It is like a flower or like the sun; it cannot be contained."


Blogger Laura said...

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8:45 PM

Blogger Laura said...

Okay, so I had to cheat to figure out which book I had read in the last year these quotes were from. But...I LOVED THAT BOOK. I thought it was fantastic. Devastating and horribly depressing, but wonderful.

I haven't gotten up the nerve to read her other book yet because it's a memoir and knowing that it actually happened might be too much for me.

Just thinking about that book brings all the things I felt while I was reading it back to me. This one will stick with you.

8:47 PM

Blogger SuperBee said...

It's a great book. Very haunting. We'll discuss when I'm done reading it. :) We can have coast-to-coast book club! :) Maybe we can even get Katie involved!

6:11 AM

Blogger MM said...

OMG, you quoted a book I actually read. I only read one book every two years, that's impressive. It's such a good book even though its sooooooo depressing. Like Laura said I didn't read the other book because it actually happened.

6:45 AM

Blogger Jess said...

Same here. SUUUUUCCCCCHHHH a good book. Gosh. Loved it. I would start a book club, who's in? The first book will be Celebration Bar Review Nutshells.

7:56 AM

Blogger Laura said...

Yay - coast to coast book club! I tried to join a book club here but it fizzled after one meeting. If you think you can actually get Katie to participate, more power to you. I love her, but she drives me nuts with her not returning phone calls or e-mails or giving any evidence of being alive for extended periods of time.

4:31 PM

Blogger SuperBee said...

She filled out a Survey on MySpace the other day!

But, you know, I still hate her for making no effort to see us during Thanksgiving. I can't wait for next Thanksgiving when we can go home again and watch Gay Soccer Movies in your Projection-Theater room. :)

6:10 AM


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