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Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Just FYI

Okay. Before when I wrote that I was having panic attacks, I was sort of kidding.

Now I'm not. I'm totally off the deep end.

I won't be better until late April. Or 2013.

Bear with me.

I'm going nuts.


Blogger Rootietoot said...

It'll be worth it. I've bought (yes, I'VE..SD left all the work up to me)3 houses now, and was convinced each transaction would kill me, yet, here I am. In the mean time, cultivate an after-5 friendship with a thing named Absolut. That, too, kept me sane.
Becasue SOON! You get to be massively in debt, too! Wahahahaha!

2:03 PM

Blogger Hulles said...

Hang in there. You'll emerge from the peristaltic experience a true American.

7:21 PM


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