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Monday, February 28, 2005

That kid in my class that I hate.

Alright. I admit that in some classes I talk a lot, but there are a few factors that influence my participation. 1) No one else participates and I feel bad for the professor and 2) I like the subject and 3) I like the professor.

When I talk in my classes, I'm not annoying. At least I hope not. Sometimes I even manage to garner a chuckle...

There's this kid in my comparative law class, however, that KILLS me. Let's call him Mr. P. Because that's what his last name begins with.

First of all, there's his wardrobe. Energie/Seven Jeans (fine! good!) usually topped off with an annoying belt buckle (once again, sometimes okay)... However. He can't pull it off. He doesn't look like a rockstar. He looks like an academic in rockstar's clothing. Also, this kid rocks the sports jacket way too much. WAY WAY TOO MUCH.

Here's what he's wearing today: Shoes - Diesel/Saucony tennis shoes, grey/blue. Energie jeans, crosshatched with an annoying faded ass pattern. Cheap striped shirt and a maroon, that's right, maroon sports jacket, vented in the back, with huge shoulder pads. He tops off this little ensemble with his University of Texas chapeau, which sits, precariously perched upon his David Showalter-bush hair. On his fingers? Silver rings.

On his back? A bright orange University of Texas Longhorns backpack.

His hair is a rats nest. The boy needs a serious haircut. He looks like he slapped a dead otter on his head and walked out the door. Split ends...flyaway hairs...hair slopping down into his ears. He's a mess.

He's annoying to look at, because he rocks this uber-trendy rockstar look, while managing to appear as a cross of David Showalter (Coop) in Wet Hot American Summer, and Mr. Bentley from the Jeffersons. So he's ugly.

Ugly and annoying.

But most of all... UGHHHHHHHHH! ANNOYING! The boy has this stilted choking way of talking, such that he sounds like he's vomiting forth every annoying pseudo-intellectual piece of tripe on the Justinian code and the ius commune and recht that he can conjure from the depths of his bowels. He spits when he talks and he gestures wildly, intruding into the personal space of everyone around him. I wouldn't be surprised if, by the end of the semester, he has poked out at least one or two eyes with his wild gesticulations, brought upon by his excitement about Aristotle's theories on equity. Oh good, today he's talking about debtor prisons now. Idiot. I think he also has a twitch.

I hate him. Other people in class hate him. He's really annoying.

Which brings me to the topic of my next post... why, oh, why are grad students so annoying? I used to think they were just annoying because they were grad students at Wisconsin, but now I'm a grad student and I'm not like them... More on that later...