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Sunday, July 10, 2011



Have you noticed that this year is "Roachier" than normal? Yeah. Me too. Where ever I go, I see roaches. They're in my swimming pool. They're in my lobby. They're running down the sidewalk. They're in the garage at Midtown.

Big. Awful. Roaches.

Roaches on Washington Ave.

Roaches at 9th and Meridian.

Roaches with wings and icky legs. Brown nuts zig-zagging around.

Terrible. Horrible. Freeze-with-terror. Roaches.

All of South Florida should be tented. Right now. Kill the fuckers. Kill 'em dead. But not with the bottom of your shoe. The crunch + roach goo on your shoes = vomit-inducing. Chemicals. That's the way to go.