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Sunday, January 16, 2011

Boom, Boom, Pow!

Today, three J.A.P.S. loaded into my Mercedes to go to Doral to shoot Berettas. Uzis were expensive to rent ($70) and would have flown through ammunition.

We went to Ace's Indoor Shooting Range & Pro Gun Shop 2105 NW 102nd Place
Doral, FL 33172-2519, which, I have to say, was an absolutely great experience.

The staff are young and friendly, and jokey and they basically have any gun you could possibly want to rent there. They give you (we probably bought?) eye and ear protection, and you buy your bullets and your targets (they had zombies!) and we spent an afternoon shooting things. Which. Was. AWESOME.

I was going to write more in this post - something about the amount of trust you put in other people when you go to a gun range, not to go berzerk and shoot other people, and the amount of trust you have to have in yourself not to accidentally shoot your face off, or hurl the gun away from you, when a Beretta shell goes flying from the gun into your face... but as this diet is leaving me shaky, and unable to form coherent sentences, I leave it at that.

Ace's Indoor Shooting Range - two thumbs up!

Next weekend, maybe I'll bring the gays...