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Saturday, December 18, 2010

Hooray for Handel

Tonight Danya and I saw Handel's Messiah at the Arsht Center. As I love Handel (and Christmas!) it was good times, even though I was massively hungover today from last night's office Christmas party - so hungover even a burger from Le Tub this afternoon couldn't set me right... Getting old is terrible. It's like the more I cut back my drinking, the less it takes for me to be hungover. Pretty soon I'm going to be one of "those" people -- you know. The one's who don't drink... and consequently aren't fun.

But back to the Messiah -

It was a good show; brisk, but well done. Seraphic Fire performed the vocals with... another...group of musicians...who played the instruments. I left my program in the car...

This is the first Seraphic Fire concert I went to - I enjoyed. I'll go to more of their stuff - Miami could use more groups like them, and I'm really happy that they're getting national recognition.

Going to the concert was sort of odd, though, as I once went on a date with...someone closely associated with the group. It was a terrible, terrible date, and it was completely my fault that it was so awful. My two-and-a-half year relationship had ended like two months before the date, and looking back I was in no shape to be dating ANYONE. We went to Monty's in the Grove on a Sunday afternoon, and I proceeded to drink two pitchers of beer (by myself), while he politely had...a glass. I probably talked about my ex, too, which is always a great thing to do on a date. Moreover, I hadn't yet been a lawyer for a year, but I was so drunk (heh, pun) on myself for my "accomplishment" that I was probably a total shit. In fact, all of the dates I went on in the summer of 2006 were just... just terrible. But this one still sticks out in my mind as particularly bad - I think because during the date I realized I lost control of it after the first pitcher of beer, but by then there was nothing to do but just... let it ride, and watch the slow-motion trainwreck happen.

Needless to say, there wasn't another, which was unfortunate because he was cute... but I wasn't about to call him and be like, "Hey! Want to go on another date where you can watch me wallow in abject misery, while getting drunk and sweating outside?" only to hear "Click. Bapbap-bapbap-bapbap-bapbap..." on the other end of the line.

I'm so awesome. My Christmas wish this year would be to erase that date both from his memory and from mine...

But back to the subject at hand - if you missed the Messiah, you should go next year. It's quick - about and hour and forty five minutes, and it's in English, and it's zippy, and it's familiar.

Happy Christmastides.