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Saturday, January 26, 2008

Outdated jokes.

So I'm sitting at home alone this Saturday evening (because I had a fantabulous non-hungover day today, and I'm going to try for one tomorrow too, despite the fact that I am...drinking alone...)

watching a "Just Shoot Me" marathon. The episode I'm watching is from 1997. It's almost eleven years old, which scares me, because I probably watched it when it was new, but whatever.

Nina is testing out what plastic surgery to get and she gets a fake pair of boobs to try on... and she says something about how they're "On loan," and Maya shoots back, "From who, Jessica Rabbit?!"

Now... when that joke was made, it was already citing a nine-year-old movie. It's now been twenty years since "Who Framed Roger Rabbit" was released (which is scary, because I remember seeing it in the Theater; it may have been the first movie I saw at Columbia Palace 9, which is now a Giant, but I digres...) and you never hear "Roger Rabbit" jokes anymore...

Why is that?