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Saturday, July 23, 2005

I should have been a weatherman...

I'm not allowed to have a window in my office. Especially not in Florida. We have such great clouds here, and all I ever want to do is stare out the window and watch thunderheads form, and then have huge thunderstorms.

I love thunderstorms.

Today, I spent HOURS gazing out the window, watching clouds form at the level of the sky where it was the condensation point...it was the first time I'd ever actually seen white wisps form out of nothingness. Sort of cool. Eventually there was a ginormous dark gray cloud that hovered above the Ungar Building (I've been studying at the Undergrad library because 1) our library is overrun with stupid medical school students... and 2) our library is overrun with panicky and stressful law students, that I don't want to see before the bar.) for HOURS.

And then the cloud started throwing little darts of lightning out. It was great! Lightning is one of my favorite things to watch in nature...after fish. I love being in water, watching fish swim around, chasing seaturtles... avoiding scary things like barracudas and moray eels...

Yeah. I love lightning. We haven't gotten enough quality storms here this summer. I'm not asking for hurricanes, but a big-fat windy, noisy thunderstorm would be nice.

That's it.

God. This post was horrible. Whatever. The bar is in a few days. Deal with it, bitches. If I'm not as writerly now, you'll just have to suck it up... and pray that I pass!