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Monday, December 25, 2006

How'd you spend your Christmas Eve Day?

I had a lovely time, as you can tell. With JAPS I've known since childhood. Some of whom I went to both Hebrew School and College with. Others of whom own the boat on which we rode. Some of us twisted awkwardly and looked wide in the middle as a result, even though we're not really.

As you can tell from our smiling faces, we're having a very nice time. Hooray for going up to Boca to see old friends. Hooray for Jews on Christmas Eve!

What did your Christmas Eve look like? This? Didn't think so.

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A Couple Items:

1) Fuck Blogger for making me switch to this new and improved version. I have a feeling this is probably going to make me stop blogging, eventually, because I'm not good with change, and this new program is unfamiliar. I didn't want to change to the new Googleized version, but it made me - I tried to blog, and it forced me to convert, and wouldn't let me override the "SWITCH TO THE NEW BLOGGER" messages. Fucking bastard. Now I have to re-access that gmail account I had but never used because some guy with my same last name that isn't related to me, started emailing me Christian Fundamental stuff a year ago, because he was shocked that a branch of our commonly-shared last name is Jewish. So that's #1.

2) I'm spending my Christmas cleaning out my closet. I'm about four hours into it, and I'm trying to show no mercy to clothes. And it was fine with the old Abercrombie Button-down shirts, old-school shoes and outdated Mavi jeans that I haven't worn since college... I threw out a couple pairs of Paper Denim & Cloth... Hell, I even threw out a Hart Schaffner Marx and Burberry Sport Coat... I was really going, until I got to the T-Shirts.

It's killing me to get rid of some of them, but I don't have space for them. Maybe I'll keep some sentimental ones... Yeah. That's what I'll do. ::sigh::

I have such attachment to so many things I'll NEVER EVER wear. Things Stephen gave me...things from college... I was going to get rid of two ill-fitting and stained "BRITCHES GREAT OUTDOORS" shirts, but I can't. Because Britches isn't around anymore and it makes me sad...

Cleaning out my closet, instead of making me feel good, is really depressing me.

3) Gallagher the watermelon smashing guy is getting sued for breach of contract. He's still alive?!

4) James Brown died. I thought I'd be more upset, but I'm not. Oh well. I never got to see him perform at the 9:30 club.

5) I had an amazing Christmas weekend. The highlight was going out with one of my old friends from growing up, and another friend of mine from Hebrew School (we also went to college together), and their families who are friends from home. My friend's parents have a beautiful boat and we cruised around the Intracoastal waterway and went out on the ocean around Boca. It was great.

Back to sorting the old and trying to fit in the new...