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Friday, June 17, 2005

Deep end.

Every day I think I can't be humbled anymore. And every day I'm wrong. Studying for the bar is the most miserable existence I can imagine.

There is so much to know. And so many exceptions. And Contracts (which I thought I knew) and Evidence are going to kill me.


God, I really don't want to fail this bar. And I'm trying my best to do the work... but I'm having a really hard time retaining information or caring about what I learn.

Standardized testing is retarded. Who thought this was the proper way to measure competence? The LSAT which was supposed to be an indicator of how well one would do in law school was completely wrong for me. My scores blew, and my GPA is pretty high.

Knowing some random Contracts exception or riparian water right is going to help me in every day practice? No.

Ugh. This is like trying to climb an ash volcano cone...the higher you go, the more you've got to start sliding down on. It's like a ginormous losing battle. The more I learn, the more I don't understand.

For all you kids out there who haven't gotten here yet -- it's bad. Real bad. Worse than 1L year. Because this is what it all comes down to... three years for one test. Oy.