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Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Would you hook up with...?

Would you hook up with Jared the Subway Guy? I can't figure out whether I would or not. I'm leaning towards "No," but he might be cute in a dorky sort of way. I feel like you never see his face for long enough to make a good determination, it's always moving, with him talking about seven grams of fat and blah blah hamburgers.

So...Jared, the Subway Guy? Huh? Think about it.

That's a game I love to play. While I'm walking around, I play the "Would I hook up with that person?" game With myself. The result is usually "yes," or "no," and then I move on to the next person. In Law School we had a game called "boot out of bed" where you'd sit in a crowded place and you'd pick two people and figure out which one you WOULDN'T keep in the bed. Everyone answered for EVERY set, not just those of the opposite sex. Sometimes it was really hard because they were both so attractive. Sometimes because they were both so ugly.

So, who would you boot out of bed? Jared the Subway Guy or Rob Schneider?

See? It can be a hard game!

Who are these people?!

The polls on the Washington Post keep swinging and fluctuating, talking about who the undecided voters are going to be, and what their "swing voters" are going to be.

My question is: Who the hell ARE these people?!

Barely if ever would I vote for a Republican candidate. Not unless my guy was SO BAD that...(well, the only reason I would ever vote for a Republican would be if my candidate was akin to Geoge Bush...) I couldn't conceivably vote for him.

So I don't know who these poor sods are that waffle. I vote basically straight ticket Democrat, unless someone spectacular was running for something and I just HAAAD to vote for them. (Like if Anderson Cooper was running for the Republican candidate [not that he would, cuz he's gay, but for example...] I'd TOTALLY vote for him over some other guy.)

So, my question is: Who are these people?! The swing voters? The wafflers? The one that all the "rhetoric" gets to and the ones who the really dirty mud-slinging ads are geared towards. Who are you, O Meek and Undecided Ones?