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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

MyHammy, Trampa, Whorelando...

Woah. What a 29 hours this has been.

I left work yesterday at 4:40 (I was late) to drive to Tampa to visit one of my besties who put me up in Hotel Cohen (the most luxurious, kitteh-filled digs, I've seen in a long time) until I had to take a deposition in Orlando today.

Having driven Miami-Tampa, Tampa-Orlando and Orlando-Miami in the space of 29 hours, I will make the following observations:

1) Thank goodness for the lack of State Troopers on 75 between Miami and Tampa. 95 miles per hour seems perfectly reasonable, if one isn't going to get caught.

2) Estero - what the hell did you do with your paving on 75?! I thought my tires were flat or I blew a bearing. Turns out, your paving just makes my tires make weird noises. Thumpy, singy, weird noises.

3) I've said it before and I'll say it again - I could totally live in Tampa. If it was a little bigger. Baltimore-sized, even.


5) Driving in white-out conditions with tornado warnings THE ENTIRE WAY between Tampa and Orlando, sucks.

6) Orlando is a cute lil' town, also! People are friendly.

7) 100 mph doesn't seem so fast on the Turnpike going South, when there are no state troopers to pull you over.

8) Jerks who drive in the left lane at the exact same speed as the person next to them, are usually in large pickup trucks, and are jerkey jerks. Sometimes the only way around them is to tailgate the person in the right lane, who is equally at fault for letting the road get blocked.

9) FDOT Officers, who drive 70mph in the left lane of the Turnpike, backing up traffic, are also jerks.

10) I got home from Orlando in 3 Hours and Fifteen Minutes, INCLUDING a stop for gas.

11) I should take more trips to Central Florida; seems quirky and interesting...