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Thursday, November 06, 2008

Grocery store question:

I have a very important question to ask the Publix-going Public in Miami-Dade County:

Why is it, that when choosing a place to park your cart, while meandering through the grocery store, you park it immediately adjacent to the cart parked on the other side of the aisle, thus blocking the entire aisle while you scrutinize your prospective containers of pre-cut pineapple, or squint at the many and varied types of Barilla Pasta?

Regardless of the fact that you may or may not know I'm behind you, why do you park your cart right, literally, next to the other cart, leaving a three-inch path between which to walk in the aisle?

Grocery store aisles are... what? About 75 feet long, I'd wager? What's wrong with the other 71 feet of aisle? What's so hard about parking your cart a couple feet forward or a couple feet back, and walking up to your chosen product... thus leaving a path between your carts in the aisle?

What's so goddamn hard about that? Is it that you're just clueless? Is it that you're selfish with no regard for other people?

Enlighten me. I'd like to know.