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Monday, April 24, 2006

I like having plans.

I've kept myself very busy lately. I'm about to get busier. I think I'm going to buy myself a condo. Maybe not quite yet... I need another 10K before I can really get something decent on the beach, and even there, decent means parking, maybe a dishwasher, and something more than 400 square feet.


To which I should have responded: Can you cough up another 14 Grand, so I can make a ten percent downpayment on a $340,000 unit on the Beach?

How I would pay for said unit, I'm not really sure. I don't know how much a monthly payment would be on a $306,000 mortgage. I'm guessing it would be rather high. Add in condo maintenance fees, and taxes... Between that, and my Mercedes payments, and the fact that over the last three days I've spent SEVENTY DOLLARS IN GAS,

I don't really think buying something at this point in time is what we call "possible."

I'd like to buy something though, but I'd also like to have a financially stable boyfriend who could, oh, I don't know, enter into it in a joint-tenancy and then we could share the payments and downpayments, and taxes, and I wouldn't be paying every goddamn cent I had into some condo.

There are things on the beach for the low 200's. Even those, I believe, would probably be too expensive for me, monthly-payment wise, and maintenance fees-wise.

I wonder how much my raise will be this year. Hopefully... a lot.

Oh, but okay. If I don't buy a place, which I think I just managed to successfully talk myself out of doing, I am STILL going to move to the beach and rent something. But...

I don't WANT to pay someone else's mortgage! That SUCKS. Right now, because I live in the place we own, my parents are going to give me the money I've paid them in rent, when we sell this place. That's nice, because it means that I've already socked away about a chunk of change, between voluntary and forced savings.

Still. Before I can get a 10% downpayment for somewhere I'd actually live, I still need another fourteen grand. That ain't chump change. Worse, still, is the fact that I really do want to move. And I'm getting my place for a STEAL right now. I guess I could suck it up and live somewhere not fabulous on the beach, for the sake of living on the beach. But that place would be less fabulous, more expensive, and the money wouldn't be coming back to me.

This related to plans somehow...

But I'm not sure how.

And now I have to go grocery shopping. So I'm tired of this post.