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Sunday, October 19, 2008

1001 Ting Tings.

Sooooo... because I'm sort of miffed at Quiet Village's album release, which is okay, but only has one song I really like on it, this month's post of good newish release goes to the Ting Tings', "We Started Nothing."

Here's Spin's take:

What's the Deal: These glitzy popsters' upbeat sonic thrusts club-punching guitars and adolescent coos, at times sounding as if Kylie Minogue attended indie-rock training camp and graduated with honors in handclaps and hipster sass. Frontwoman Katie White is pure spunk, spinning six-string jangles into breakout singles ("Great DJ"), when not rocketing lyrics about bitter breakups ("Shut Up & Let Me Go") and proper epithet techniques ("That's Not My Name"). Drummer Jules De Martino rocks rhythms skinny-jean clean, while a little cowbell, plunky key jabs, and a self-deprecating album title -- We Started Nothing -- craft a DIY chime.

Who: White and De Martino began the Ting Tings in 2006 after an ill-fated career in Dear Eskiimo, and after their fair share of underground hype, signed to Columbia for the release of debut We Started Nothing in May. Fans headed to Austin this week can catch the band at one of their five shows: The KCRW showcase at Buffalo Billiards March 12 (11 P.M.), Fader Party March 13 (2 P.M.), BrooklynVegan showcase March 13 (8 P.M.), the Stubb's showcase March 14 (8 P.M.), or at the Diesel Party March 15 (10 P.M.).

Fun Fact: At the Ting Tings' Glastonbury set, Radio One DJ Huw Stephens prophesized the band will be headlining the festival come '09, quipping, "If that's not true, then I'll eat some mud."

They're catchy.

Especially, "Shut up and Let Me Go," which is usually the song that gets me to smack my fedora back on my head, lose my "God, I'm so bored" expression, and hoist myself off a couch at Buck 15 whenever it comes on. This morning, the song was accidentally on repeat on the iPhod (that's my new name for my iPhone when it's an iPod) this morning on my ill-timed (just in time for the one rainstorm of the day!) bike ride.

Needless to say I know every word to the song now.

Now, enjoy some more Ting Tings with a Yo-Gabba-Gabba mix...



Yes, since February (I think?) of 2005, when I complained about the barber talking to me too much during a haircut, to my extolling sugar-free Fudgcicles, we've been through a lot together:

* finishin' law school;
* graduatin' law school;
* growin' a shitty beard;
* takin' the bar;
* gettin' a job;
* the last family vacation;
* shavin' off the shitty beard;
* a lil' surgery;
* passin' the bar;
* first time in Court;
* buyin' a new car;
* the demise of diagonally-stripy shirts as a viable going-out-wardrobe choice;
* breakin' up with the Ex;
* crushin' depression;
* whoring around (oof);
* that unfortunate detour into stained glass as a creative outlet;
* the loss of a nipple ring (don't worry, I still have one!)
* listin' my old place;
* gettin' suckered into an unwanted relationship;
* sellin' my old place;
* dissolution of friendships (permanently - for good; last straws, etc.);
* and buyin' my new place;
* dumpin' the poor guy (dumbass?) who fell in love with me (to his anguish and my unbridled joy);
* merging firms;
* the return of my Muttonchops;
* Art Basel cray-zay-ness;
* buyin' a coffee table;
* buyin' a couch;
* babies, babies n' more babies;
* weight gain;
* weddings;
* regret;
* goin' on crazypills;
* growing my hair out to unflattering and unadviseable lengths;
* comin' off crazy pills.

All of these just a few highlights of the last 1,000 posts.

Here's to 1,000 more!


Watch it melt off:

10/13/08: 174.0
10/14/08: 171.6
10/15/08: 171.2
10/16/08: 170.2
10/17/08: 170.2 (DOH!)
10/18/08: 169.0
10/09/08: 168.4

5.6 pounds in a week? NOT TOO SHABBY!