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Sunday, February 15, 2009

Deep Throat - Starring - Miami Beach!

I just watched that documentary about "Deep Throat." Before I started the documentary, I didn't know that Deep Throat was filmed here... I didn't know it until four seconds into the documentary, when they showed clips of the opening credits, and I was like, "Boom! We used to buy [RedBull] in that building right there!"

It's funny how, living here, certain things are instantly recognizable - like Collins Avenue - as Collins Avenue, around 57th street looks pretty much the same as it did in 1972.

Anyway, here's the clean opening credits of Deep Throat, starring Collins Avenue, then it looks like La Gorce, and then 195 East... Then Collins Ave... then La Gorce... then Alton around 63rd... Artistic license, I guess. If you didn't live here, you wouldn't notice the location splicing.

Don't worry. It's safe for work. Credits, and a look back at what it used to look like around here, almost 40 years ago.