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Sunday, January 30, 2011

Thanks for S-ing the F-U. Also, Posters.

I expected to be jolted from an Ambien-induced slumber this morning around 6:40 by the sound of cowbells and cheering and clapping, for the runners of the ING Miami Marathon.

I was not.

I attribute this to one of two things: 1) my WhiteNoise app for my iPhone that I dutifully plug into my computer speakers every night, to muffle the sound of traffic, bums, and the bus that stops at a station directly in front of my bedroom slider... or 2) the fact that people weren't TOTAL JERKS this morning, and didn't stand on the corner of Purdy and 17th cheering and clapping for the Marathoners, while banging on pots with ladles. In the past, people have thought this apropos at 6:30 a.m. on a Sunday. I have always begged to differ.

It's probably No. 1. But whatever it is, I was grateful. Oh, sure, I woke up once or twice to see a thin stream of Marathoners running by my place, but I was in such a drug-induced fog it was like "Oh. They're running. And I don't hear clapping, yelling, and cowbells. And I can go back to sleep. Score."

And so by the time I dragged my sorry arse out of bed at 10:40, there was no evidence 21,000 people had run past my bedroom over the previous four hours; nary a traffic cone to be seen!


So, to the people in my neighborhood, I say "Thank you. Thank you for either shutting up, or thank you for not managing to overpower a fan and a white noise machine."

To celebrate not having been woken up at an ungodly hour, I spent $1,800 on Art Deco Posters at the Antiques Fair at the Doubletree Convention Center by the Airport.


Here are my latest favorite mistakes... all from the 1920s and 1930s... Framingham's gonna be a bitch. (HA! Nonsensical Boston pun!) No, seriously. I'm mired in Buyer's Remorse. But they were posters I had wanted to buy a couple years ago, and were still in my Dealer's stock so... here goes: