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Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Dear Sitemeter,

Dear Sitemeter and The Brewer Patriot:

Wow. I've had this on my blog for approximately 10 minutes, and I've already gotten four hits, one of which is about my "Big Fuckin' Chicken" commercial, which, after clicking on the details of my sitemeter thing, showed me that other people have blogged about the same thing I have.

The bottom line?

I think Sitemeter may become the next Friendster, MySpace, TVGasm, Smokinggun.com, Washingtonpost.com, various blogs I'm obsessed with, and any and all other ways that I use the internet to procrastinate doing any one of the number of things I don't want to do, such as study for the Federal Bar, or evict single mothers of disabled children from their homes.

(Lately at work, I've been realizing why people hate lawyers. I'm now like a creditor, calling tenants and being like "Execute the agreement, or we'll evict you." And yeah, it feels nice to drive an awesome car. But no, it feels terrible when my boss comes in my office and says, "Have you called "X" yet?" and I say, "I'll do it now..." and then I call, and either a business owner screams at me, and I have to remain polite, but firm, or I have to speak to opposing counsel at Legal Aid, about evicting poor people, and then I feel like Satan. I like Corporate work. It's only money and I'm not ruining lives. Even commercial evictions...fine. But residential ones? Having worked on both sides of the coin now... very emotionally draining, and easy to get invested in. And I'm always on the Tenant's side. Regardless of what I have to do. : / )

Okay. I have to study for the Federal Bar now, before I watch Ghost Hunters. Because I am awesome. Awesome and very, very cool. I live in Miami, I'm 25 years old, I'm a lawyer, and what do I do with my evenings? Study and watch Nerd Sci-Fi television.

Looks like someone around here needs some kids...