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Thursday, December 06, 2007

Know what's awesome?

Know what's awesome?

Being 27 and being connected enough in the art world to go to some awesome fucking parties.

Thanks, Art Basel.

I'll look back on you fondly when I'm in my 50s, and think, "Shit. I hung out with some pretty ridiculously fabulous people."

Seriously. I've already been to some parties this week that would make your hair curl. And it's only Friday (now).

I'm gonna want to KILL MYSELF by Monday morning. My liver is going to look like foie gras, and my brain is going to be scrambled...

But I've already re-connected with some pretty awesome up-and-comers, and... I've been to some places that made me DROOL with envy that I'm in a house as opposed to some fabulous store (i.e. Heist)

I love you, Art Basel. Now that I live on the beach... I get it.

I get it.