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Tuesday, February 19, 2008


Hey, Guys -


Fred Lewis told Crist that if they cut the Court's budget, Court's gonna close.

"Traffic court would stop. Abuse cases and child-custody hearings would be postponed. Banks would face long delays getting foreclosed homes back on the market. And alimony, divorce and commercial litigation hearings would come to a halt.

That's what will happen, the state's top judges warned lawmakers Tuesday, if the Legislature's proposed budget cuts for the current year go into effect."

"The cuts hit civil courts hardest, because every effort would be made to spare criminal courts, Lewis said. But the ripples would be felt by ''everyone across this state,'' he said."


Are you serious?! Call me self-absorbed and myopic, as this wouldn't absolutely everyone, but how is it possible that Court could close?! Now, I know to some of you, that doesn't seem like a very big deal, because you don't make your livings off going to Court, but some of you do...

Have you ever even considered that Court could... CLOSE!?

Or that you could just never get a hearing!? Or that for TWENTY TWO days there could be no Court?!