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Monday, September 19, 2005

Imagine my name...then put an Esq. at the end!

Yes. I have done it. I have passed the bar!!!

I AM OFFICIALLY A LAWYER!!! My character and fitness has been affirmed, as has my ability to answer esoteric questions on useless crap.

However, it is with mixed emotions that I acknowledge my achievement, bittersweet, really. For as many intelligent people passed the bar, many other intelligent people didn't have a good day on one of the two days, and consequently will have to wait until March to feel the limbo-bar lifted from their shoulders. Still, just as my passing the bar is no reflection on my intelligence, neither is their non-passage a reflection on their intelligence.

So, to those of us who are now proud members of the Bar, I say congratulations. And to others of you, I say now we'll just have another excuse to celebrate in May!

Oh, and by the way, Craisins Trail Mix, Cranberry & Chocolate? Holy shit. It's amazing.

Hurricane Ophelia is barrelling down towards us. Whoo. Is it me or is this like.. not fun anymore?

Such naches I have!