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Thursday, January 25, 2007

Jews may be icky, but this is why I find some Christians more loathesome.

I've tried not to be Political. But I can't be on this one.

So... I guess "An Inconvenient Truth" is now un-Christian, because Global Warming is a message from Jesus that the Apocalypse is coming... and so therefore, this movie that is based on empirical scientific data is 1) untrue and 2) Anti-Christian - like evolution.

And this is why people have a bad taste in their mouths when they think of Evangelical Christians, floating around in their own little world of crazy and dangerous denial.

Newsflash, People: Jesus isn't sitting in a room, with a Crystal Ball or a Magic Wand, pointing it at icebergs and ozone levels, and breeding his four horses or whatever...(I have no idea what Christians think the end of the world will be, because we don't have one.)

I saw the movie. It scared the pants off me. I had to drink afterwards to wipe the image of the polar bear swimming to find polar ice, but not finding any, out of my head. I'm not a frothing greeny, but I'm also not retarded. I think it's a very dangerous and criminally un-arrogant position to take to say that we're not having an effect on the Climate. Because. We are.

We've synthesized products and reactions that don't occur in nature, and then we spew them into the atmosphere. That, times a hundred fifty years, and things are going to start to change... regardless of how large the Earth is. And they are. Changing. The Mid-Atlantic states have become "Southern" zones for planting now, not Mid-Atlantic.

I think this guy, Frosty Hardiman, or Frosty E. Hardiman is a fucking asshole. So, Frosty Hardiman, I say this to you: Because you're stirring a pot you shouldn't be, I hope this bites you in the ass. I hope a freak wildfire fanned by abnormal winds, burns down your home. I hope you live near the water so in 10 years, the waves are lapping at its foundation. Mostly, I hope you just shut the fuck up, and let these kids watch the goddamn movie, propaganda or not, because it's not like it's a "HOW TO DO A GUY UP THE ASS 101" movie, it's a movie that will benefit them, their community, and their world.

And what, exactly, is your problem with that? Oh, no answer? I understand. You have to go mix a cone of cinnamon to put on your nose to ward off the Black Plague, string garlic around your neck to ward off vampires, and stuff your pockets full of salt to avoid the Evil Eye.