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Sunday, March 19, 2006

Another professor I really liked. You can tell, because I made him look sort of like a Saint, with his relics, and his halo, and his wisely pointing finger, just like a disciple!

This professor, I actually liked. This is an easy one.

This was a scary old professor of mine. There must be some inside-jokey reason why I put iguanas crawling up him..I have no idea why anymore. The setting for him is, however, fitting, if you can identify who he is. DON'T SAY, THOUGH.

She was really old, and super annoying. And wore a LOT of Blue Eye Shadow, and was ALWAYS TALKING.

She was really old. And annoying.

A sampling of lawschool art.

While in law school, class got boring. So, I started drawing charicatures of people, professors, whatever. They were vicious and mean, or good. Depending on whether I liked the person, and sometimes not even then. I drew a terrible picture of my friend Lisa, and I like her.

In law school, we also had names for people. There was "70s Gym" and "The Mute" and "The Horker" and "The Perch" and "Keeb" and "The Pube" and "Puhfessah" and "Mayflower Broad" and "Fatass (a/k/a 'Big Butt')" and "Tom Cruise" and "Vomit"...you get the picture. Nicknames were awarded based on 1) similar appearance to someone (Tom Cruise) or 2) an act "Vomit," "The Mute", 3) a hairstyle "The Pube",4) a way of dressing "70s Gym", you get it.

I mean, what else were we going to do? 1L Year, we were with these people ALL THE TIME. And then the tradition continued as we began to be mixed in with other classes, and noted annoying or standout characters in those classes as well.

Combine viscious bitchiness (which I have in spades), a boring hour-and-a-half lecture, and the ability to use paintbrush (but not really write in paintbrush...never been my skill) and BOOM! Instant cartoons. I'll publish a few of the less offensive ones here... It saddens me that these great works of mine have lain dormant for two or three years now...