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Thursday, August 13, 2009

Burger & Beer Joint!

A new restaurant opened at the corner of Bay and 18th in that cursed location. My one word review follows - you ready?

One word:


This place kicks 8oz' @$$! SRSLY. I'm entirely too full, and entirely too salted to really dissect the magic that appears to be happening there, but I'm happy it's 1) A hamburger place; 2) A bar; 3) A Lounge; 4) A pool bar; and 5) an ice cream shop, all within my reasonable-walking distance (not far.)

Drawbacks: A little loud.

They have a pretty robust beer menu, a decent selection of wines, though I wasn't thinking "Wine and a burger!" so I didn't even look... and their make-your-own burger section of the menu is expansive to the point of daunting. I didn't venture there, because I know it wouldn't be difficult to make myself a $30.00 hamburger, what with all the sauces and whatnot.

The thing I'm definitely going back for: The bucket of bacon appetizer.

The thing I'll get again when I'm there: The Fried Pickles - they, also, kick 8oz's @$$ - little puffy discs of fried pickles. Mmmmmm. The batter for the pickles and onion rings -- flavorful, light, battery - it's sort of perfection. And the fried pickles come with Ranch dressing. The onion rings come with jalapeno cheddar cheese.

My hamburger (actually a bacon cheddar burger) differed from those one eats at 8oz on two key elements: taste and juicyness. It beat 8oz hands down in both - I don't want to say it, but it MAY have beaten Joe Allen's hamburger, which I hold to be the best burger in Miami. But I'm not certain yet. I'll have to go back (WHICH I WILL!)

I had rivers of burgerness running down my arms - I stupidly went in a suit from work, so I basically had to undress and tuck to keep the beef off the Ralph Lauren, and the Ted Baker.

And the meat itself - extraordinary! Salty! Delicious! The beef CRUNCHED with salt crystals! (In a good way - like how sea salt fries crunch with salt...)

Speaking of Meat... there was a pretty steady stream of sexxxy bears cycling through... ahh, vestiges of Jade Lounge, which used to occupy the same space, and where I used to see Bill Kamal wearing his little lycra outfits. Mem'ries. (No, but seriously - find me a nice otter to date - we can have our first date and eat burgers, and then not hook up because we're too beer and burger loagy, and it's August. It'll be the beginning of a beautiful relationship.)

Anyhow - Look - the place isn't going to win any Michelin stars, but I went with low expectations, and they came in way over what I expected.

You should really try the place. But stagger yourselves. I don't want to have to wait for a table.