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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Pie is amazing and what's the deal with Scarpetta?


A couple of thoughts:

1) My birthday is tomorrow. Well, in 23 minutes. It still feels wrong to be sober watching your birthday tick over from 11:59 to Midnight. I wonder if that's unique to having gone to college at Madison, WI, or if everyone feels that way... or if I just need to admit that I have a problem. (I don't have a problem. There are just some events you should be drunk for: Your birthday, the 4th of July, Halloween, the day before Thanksgiving, Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, St. Pat's, and...I think that's it. Veteran's day? No... Memorial Day...? Nnnooo.oooooo. [Maybe.]) The fact that I'm not drunk as I turn another year old just shows me what a difference there is between like 25 and now. I'm a COMPLETELY different person. I miss 25-year old me. And his waistline. Which brings me to my next thought:

2) OH. MY. GOD. PIE!!! ??? !!! ??? !!! BOURBON PECAN??!?!!? I KNOW, RIGHT?!

Why did no one tell me about this before?! HUH?! It's salty and sweet and chewy and creamy and crispy, and bitter and sweet and salty and crunchy and viscous, and rich, and thin... It's like an effing SYMPHONY in your MOUTH!

I made a pie last night that was like the Second Coming of Christ. WHO. KNEW?! It's so good, it makes me want to punch a wall, which is the complete opposite reaction that I should be having from the waves of ecstasy shooting into my soul through my... ... ingestion of a baked good.

3) Tried to go to Scarpetta tonight because I hear their Spice Menu is a religious experience (like the pie I made. Did I mention I made a phenomenal pie that is like an exploding firework that is full of RAINBOWS AND TAP-DANCING CARTOON FROGS IN TOPHATS AND TAILS?!). That didn't work. Scarpetta suuuuuuure is annoying with reservations and only having a table for an hour and a half after you want to go to the restaurant. Both calling in (where they tell you they gladly accept walk-ins).... and walking in (where they send you to Gotham Steak instead). We went to Gotham Steak which was an enjoyable experience... but I really wanted that polenta, SCARPETTA.

Next week. Hopefully.