I'm a little slow today. I just switched to Sanka. So...have a heart?

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Saturday Faturday

I've already had a full weekend. And it's only Saturday night. (And I'm staying in = PRODUCTIVE DAY TOMORROW!) Liza and I will likely spend tomorrow afternoon brunching. It should be called Sunday Faturday, but that makes no sense.

Oh, and while I'm on the subject of eating, I thought about Pies, because Rick at South Florida Daily Blog said grab a piece of pie (do people buy large-sized pies for home consumption?) before reading the evening sift... and I have a pie recommendation: this is in confidence, and as long as you promise not to eat all of them out from under me: THE INDIVIDUAL LATTICE-TOPPED PIES AT EPICURE ARE THE BEST PIES EVER. O.M.G. You can have the apple and the blueberry. Leave me the cherry. Those pies are. the. best. pies. ever. It's the crust. Flaky and sweet, and because the pies are small, there's a high crust-to-filling ratio that pleases me. The pies make me cream my jeans.

On to today:

Woke up at 9. Still drunk from Mr. Forrest's birthday celebration the night before, wherein most of the people there were British and I obnoxiously spoke in the Terry Jones "SPAM" voice from Monty-Python. For the whole night. It was pretty endearing. Between Gael's Blaxcent and my squawking, it's a wonder I didn't get hurled off the balcony onto Lincoln. But I digress... I actually got home early-ish (3 a.m.?) and woke up at 6 to find the TV blaring... oops.

So, bikeride. It was M.I.S.E.R.A.B.L.E., but I wanted to sweat out the booze, and sweat I did. I did almost puke on my balls as lots of the ride was spent trying to outrace a garbage truck... unsuccessfully.

Afterwards, Gael and I went to Le Tub for burgers. Not the BEST BURGER IN THE ENTIRE WORLD, but a damn good burger. And, I got to watch them feed Jacks (big silver fish) hamburger meat. I was like a seven-year-old, bouncing up and down and squealing. (Not really, but almost). It was like snorkeling without going into the water.

Then, came home, napped. Woke up, Ethiopian food at Sheeba, and now going to turn in and spend some quality time with an old friend, Television. It's nice to have a night in every now and then.

And regarding Herkin' Fay - screw her. I ain't preppin. Shiiiit. I got a cupboard full of dot cakes (diet cokes) and a jar o' Nutella. I's good. And after the 'cane is finished... whatever. I live on the beach. We won't lose power, and there will always be restaurants open. Hooray!