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Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Sorry I haven't posted. I work a lot.

Hi peeps. I'm still getting used to working. I'm sure I'll post more regularly soon. Anyhoo, a few things:

1) Hurricane Katrina hit us here. It sort of sucked, but not nearly as bad as it sucked up North. Poor New Orleans.

2) William Rehnquist is dead. THANK FUCKING GOD. I'm sure he's roasting comfortably in hell right now... Maybe when I get down there, I'll fuck him in his stoma (Tracheotomy.) He was evil, and now he's dead. But the bad thing is, as I called it, now Bush has to appoint another one. Great. Ugh.

3) Republicans are assholes. I've realized their M.O. is just to be like "Oh, well, that's not that branch of government's job," whenever something doesn't gell with their cracker-white bread mentality. Case in point: California's legislature (ELECTED, CARRYING OUT THE WILL OF THE VOTERS, NOT LIKE THAT "ACTIVIST JUDICIARY") approved gay marriage. "Governor" Schwartzenegger will veto this bill. Why? Because gay marriage is something that should be decided by the voters...who spoke. Five. Years. Ago. on the subject.

Ahh. I see. Now the lawmaking body, who is the one responsible for carrying out the will of the voters whenever something happens that the Republicans like, and the loss of whose power Republicans bemoan whenever the Judiciary exercises ITS power and the Republicans don't like it, apparently does NOT carry out the will of the voters when IT'S doing something that Republicans don't like. Fucking hateful hypocrits.

Here's the deal. If you voted red, I basically hate you. I'll pretend I don't, but I do. I wonder how one goes about getting licensed to practice law in Canada... I like Canada. And I like Canadian people. Most of all, I like Canadian law, and Canada's refreshing lack of Republicans.

America, basically sucks. At least, it does right now. Yeah. I said it. And it's true. And guess what? My pappy, who's a Colonel in the Army thinks so too, and he served his country over there, so I can say that. Oh, and while I'm at it, if your car gets less thanlike..oh... 17 miles per gallon, take your yellow "Support Our Troops" sticker off your car. Either that, or stop driving it, and leave the sticker on as it sits in your driveway, as a reminder of all the people that have died because of you.