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Sunday, July 15, 2007

Ugh. New addictions.

I'm now addicted to:

1) Shopping for coffee tables on E-bay; and
2) The Turkey Lurkey song.

And watching it.

And imagining one day that my friends and I will break into a late 60s, dance party with Jazz-hands, and an intersecting cross-over non-conga line. I have no idea how people managed to dance like that in the 60s. I'm not what we call a "dancer." I'd hurt myself if I were in the ensemble of the show. Nevertheless...

I can't stop watching Turkey Lurkey. It cheers me up. I think I may be a little depressed because the weather's so hot and awful... so I watch Turkey Lurkey. I've watched it seven times today.

That's a lot.

I know the lyrics now.

It's turkey lurkey time!
Tom turkey ran away but he just came home!
It's turkey lurkey time!
He's really home to stay, never one to roam!
Let's make a wish and may all our wishes come truuuuuuuuuuue!
A snowy-blowy Christmas! A mistletoey Christmas!
A turkey lurkey Christmas to youuuu!

Miss De la Hoya in Accounts Receivable is my favorite...


I have to iron now.

I will be cool again by... October. By October I will no longer be this weird freak that I've turned into. Of course... having MONEY would help.

Give me money.


Everything is consolidated, and coming out of the projector.


Who wants to buy me blackout blinds so I can watch TV during the day?! Anyone? Anyone?