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Thursday, August 21, 2008


Went to Michy's for dinner tonight.

I'll stay mum on the service, but let's just say that as a former waiter, I'll tip ANYONE 20%, and I tipped 15%. In fairness, we were stuck on the back patio because I made my reservation two hours before we were going to eat, but still, we were forgotten back there. We only drank one bottle of wine, and for us to only plow through one bottle speaks to the negligent service.

On to the good:

1) While sitting at the bar, waiting for my friends, Michelle Bernstein, Michelle Bernstein came out, went behind the bar and poured herself a glass of water. I, for some reason, got starstruck, and stared... we made eye contact, and she smiled at me. I went to say something... but then figured silence would be better. So I clammed up and watched her spill water into the ice. Whatevs. Michelle Bernstein actually cooks at Michy's! Who knew?! And we shared a moment... me with saucer-eyes, and her with a mist of sweat on her forehead, and her pretty hair tied back in a bun...

2) Food = E.X.C.E.L.L.E.N.T. I ate the spice menu. Crispy pork belly (I'm obsessed) with cucumber kimchi (I think?) It was delicious. All I want to do is eat crispy pork belly from now on. I've felt that way for a while.

3) Entree = Pappardelle. I didn't want to go with the prime rib, because I don't love prime rib... so I went with the papardelle carbonara. Deeeeee-lishis! (I got mine with the ham. It was julienned. And tasty. I'm a terrible Jew.) there was this hint of sage in the cream sauce (I think) that was fantastic.

4) Dessert = Fruit cobbler. Eh. It was a cobbler. Tasty, and reminiscent of something I hadn't had in a while, but not outstanding. But the first two courses totally made up for it.

5) Wine = Sancerre. Loves it. French, 2006, what's not to enjoy?

Overall? Michy's = blazing success. Next time I'll sit inside. Outside = sucks. But the food?