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Monday, September 11, 2006

Dear Jessica:

Dear Jessica:

I know it causes you endless consternation when I take down a post I've written.

Too bad.

If I take down a post it's because 1) it could be construed as patently offensive; 2) racist; or 3) too personal.

Lots of the people that read this, know me, and sometimes, after a moment of reflection, I realize that I don't WANT to share as much as I did... And poof! The post is gone. Not that it's deleted, but it's "Saved as a draft." Maybe someday I'll start another blog, where I dump all my postings that I've taken down, so no one can associate those particular posts with me... but I'll never give notice of where or when I'm posting that blog. :) Happy searching!

You've seen and read the ephemeral posting... I appreciate that it obviously causes you agony and despair on par with a hangover or a dreadful sinus infection... clearly that's the reason for the "WHYYYY DID YOU TAAAAKE THAT DOWWWWN?!" comments, but it's gone, because of one of the three reasons above. :)

So, yes. They're gone. No, they won't be back, and no, they won't be back anywhere that's associated with my name!



P.S. Don't post a "RUUUUDE!" comment. I'm not being rude. I'm just telling you why sometimes posts disappear, so you don't take it so hard. It's not a personal affront to you. It's to cover my ass.