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Saturday, September 24, 2005

Just a thought...

Am I wrong in thinking that everyone that's so "for this war" should enlist in the military and go on over and fight? I mean... it just seems to me that it's very easy to bash Cindy Sheehan and the rest of the people voicing their opinion that this war is stupid, costly, and making everyone else hate us, while calling all the people who don't support the war "un-American" and "un-Patriotic," but, I mean... if they're so for this war....

Why aren't they crusin' over there to fight?

Bum knee? I'm sure there's a job answering phones in Fallujah.
Got kids? Bring 'em on over, too! Not only will it be a great opportunity for lil' Earl or Lil' Brandy to see another part of the world, but little kids have nimble fingers for diffusing bombs, AND, if they get outta line, you can have them stoned over there... I mean, how much more WWJD is THAT?! Nothing like instilling the word of Christ to your kids by making them fight a war and beating them with rocks when they're bad...in, basically the place where Christ lived! They can get a taste of how Jesus felt as he died for their sins!
I especially think that everyone who drives an S.U.V. has a duty to go over there and fight - I mean, you need the oil to drive your cars, correct? So, it's your God-given right! Go kill some A-Rabs so you can continue to get 10 miles per gallon!

I think I need to be promoted to King of America. If I was king, I'd make shit work.